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Although you don't believe it, this is the second part of the great Tribute to Lake Of Tears, the previous part was full surprise how Heike Langhans that she did sing Demon You/Lily Anne with Draconian where she was the first participate with them and Aglarond they are the only Latin American in the first part of the Tribute to Lake Of Tears and the second part come with 
surprise too.
The Equinox ov the Gods from Sweden come back one more time with the song Children of the Grey in their last participate, the band collaborated with two song Let Us Go As They Do and Planet of the Penguins, The Equinox ov the Gods show us their great powerfull again

Demenzia from Bulgaria they present us the track The Graymen their style melodic they'll come you an atmosphere slow and dark that you'll forget of this world.
In this Tribute to Lake Of Tears, there is a legendary Slovakian band formed in 1995, Galadriel offered to us A Trip With The Moon, a combination of voices female and male (growl)
There is also another legendary band but this is from Poland, they're Cemetery Of Scream, formed the band in 1993 and works with the song Evil Inside. 


The tribute has much participation of Latin Americans, Horus from Central America, Lapsus Dei from South America and The Withering Beauty from Puerto Rico, the Center American interpret the song Lady Rosenred, and the Caribbean with the track So Fell Autumn Rain and finally the South American worked with two track, Illwill and House Of The Setting Sun.
In this second tribute noticed a clear participation by the Latin American band, because in the past there was only one band but this second part there are 3 groups.The Withering Beauty, 
Give us a Cover very contagious a beautiful, slow and aggressive cover. 
A total of 22 bands from 12 different countries and 23 song, this disc comes with many bands with quality, excellent work and effort.
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Review from Radio Online Gothic Metal Nicaragua, 9.0 out of 10 based on 10 ratings

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