Review from Chile

Is great to see how a big group of bands from different genres are united by a big one, Lake Of Tears (LOT from now), one of the biggest bands of Gothic/Doom in the world.
This awesome work comes with an excellent surreal/suicidal themed art that reflects the different ages of the Swedish band. (Insertar imagen del disco)
The music inside is mostly Doom Metal in all his sub-genres, from calm Gothic Doom to chaotic and dark Death Doom, but it has a lot of other genres like Rock, Melodic Death Metal and some other sounds, so this tribute is not for a close minded person, but it is for fans of LOT. Is beautiful to see how every band put their own unique touch in every track, how they made theirs the harmony and lyrics of every song, from calm songs to Death Metal or faster songs to Funeral Doom but it still has the vibe of LOT.

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