By The Black Sea


GREAT NEWS! LAKE OF TEARS – "By The Black Sea" (CD+DVD Digi), released date 10 January 2014. Wait!

Lake of Tears will release 10 January 2014 live dvd was filmed at the Arenele Romane in the framework of the “Metalhead Meeting” on 21 September, the festival, which was attended by Hypocrisy, HateSphere, Bucovina, Taine ?i L.O.S.T.. Dvd will be called “By the Black Sea” was held under the leadership team Costin Chioreanu (Twilight13Media) and Marius Costache (Next Dog Studio), and is already available to preorder this link in dvd+cd:

P.S. CD + DVD set featuring tons of "Behind The Scenes" video as a BONUS! Special DIGI packaged version!
P.P.S. AFM Records: Lake of Tears  finally fulfill the wish of many fans and release their first Live album ever on January 31st. „By The Black Sea“ includes the recordings of a full concert with 16 songs (Bucharest 2013), and will be available as DVD/CD set. Bonus material on the DVD is a “Making Of”, an interview and the band’s latest video clips „Illwill“ and „House Of The Setting Sun“.
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Johan Oudhuis – interview for


Johan Oudhuis – "Make some noise as we will most likely record the show for a dvd"

We’d like to start this off by mentioning how great it is to have Lake Of Tears once again in Romania. I know fans are looking forward to seeing you on stage. It’s been more than a year since we last saw you – What have you guys been up to all this time

-Getting by, you know. We did some shows and a european tour after our last visit to Romania.

We’ve all been a bit surprised by “Illwill” when it was release – it seemed as if you had chosen to explore a particular sound for songs on this album. How is it that you decide the “genre recipe” of a certain album? Or there’s no such thing and things simply turn out the way they did?

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Rolling Stone Russia


The Top-15 list of the most beautiful metal band frontmen according to the Rolling Stone Russia leads Tom Araya (SLAYER), James Hetfield of Metallica is on 8th place, while the leader of LAKE OF TEARS Daniel Brennare takes 6th place. But here is the thing – instead of Daniel's photo there is a picture of Mikael Larsson. We caught up with Mikael and this is what he said:


- Hi Mikael, what do you think on the recent Rolling Stone publication?
- First of all, I think it's cool that Daniel got chosen to be in that list. Congratulations to him.
Second, I think it is hilariously funny that they published a photo of me. We have teased Daniel a lot about this
So maybe it was really me on that list.  Would be fun. Haha!
- What was Daniel's reaction on that?
- I think he thought it was funny too. He said that the guy who photoshopped the photo of him did a really bad job. Haha!
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