Reviews of the Lake Of Tears new live cd/dvd


Some nice reviews of the Lake Of Tears new live cd/dvd mixed at the Next Dog Studio. please excuse google the translator

"Ultimately, a good result: a sound that does justice to a production so vast and varied, even better than listenable album from the studio" –

"The sound of the album is good. That means, that Lake Of Tears kept an authentic live sound by still having a full and warm sound. For me it seems that there was't a lot of adjustments done afterwards." -

"I’ve only got the audio to review, but it certainly sounds very good indeed. Both the CD and DVD include all the tunes, with the best of the bunch being ‘Cosmic Weed’, ‘Raven Land’ and ‘So Fell Autumn Rain’. The guitars keep them firmly rooted in the world of metal, even when they’re heading off into trippy waters, and even without visuals (or possibly because), this was a cracking listen." -

"This is very nice for a live album and of course concerning the sound very nice for a gothic metal band, I do not know if Lake of Tears always sound like this, but it sounds here on the live album quite convincing and "round" -

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