Fragment Cosmic Weed demo recording 1996


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Johan Oudhuis: - A 7” vinyl in 100 numbered copies with an unreleased demo track from ´93 called The Wyverns and a, very special I must say, pre-production version of Cosmic Weed. Hadn´t heard those in quite a while.

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Interview with Johan Oudhuis for our site…

"A woman who is under 1,40 meters, a man who is under 1,50 meter, are both dwarfs. At least by our standards."

- So, the first question, I think, is the standard one. How do you evaluate the past 2013 for Lake of Tears? What was this year best remembered for? What disappointed you?..

- Hmm…had to think for a while. Seems so distant all of a sudden. Not that much happened in 2013, really. Too slow progress with new material, and something of a lost year musically in some ways. Maybe. But there is a better feeling for 2014 I think. We did a couple of shows, in Germany, Romania and Dubai. I might have forgotten some? As the year it self wasn´t very satisfying it´s hard to point to any specifik disappointment…

- I know that you enjoyed your visit to Arab Emirates, namely Dubai. It must be like a journey from winter to summer:) Please, tell a little bit more about this trip.

- Yes, literally very much so… Arrived at the airport in the usual outfit with boots, jeans and leather jacket. Was very hot indeed. The show was at a club in a Holiday inn hotel. The audience wasn´t very great in numbers, but they were great. People had travelled from both Syria and Kuwait to attend the show. It´s interesting how music seems to be able to really cross borders and speak to people, regardless of cultural background. The day after the show we had some time on our hands, so Daniel and me went with some of the nice people on a trip to the desert. A good feeling, almost like being by the sea. But less wet.

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