Jörg Düsedau about new album LoT


Jörg Düsedau (LAKE OF TEARS tour Manager) commented on the new album LOT:«Rein musikalisch ist das Album mehr oder weniger fertig, das Konzept für die Texte existiert, die Texte aber noch nicht.»

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DJVL – prjct l, 1d


Daniel Brennare has published the first demo tape of his side project – DJVL. Party saxophone songs performed ex-bass guitarist of CEMETARY – Zrinko Culjak

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Fredrik’s comment


I have really not been a part of the Lake of Tears story since we played 70000 Tons of Metal in 2015 but I had a great time playing with the rest of the guys and we made an album together that I’m proud of.

Of course I think it’s sad that Johan and Daniel have parted ways, but combining having a band and a family at the same time is hard and family must come first at all times. 

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Jörg’s comment


For me personally the most sad news that I can currently imagine… Only a real man like you can survive a Jamaican beach fully dressed in black with leather boots, you will manage this situation as well!

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