Rock or Not


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The game "Rock or Not" is now available in App Store worldwide. In this game you face hard decisions and dilemmas for weird situations created by famous rock and metal artists. The game is free to try so if you are sitting with an iPhone in your hand you should not hesitate to download it right now to see if you are a true rocker or not. With the ”Rockstar Edition” of the game you receive more dilemmas, can create your own and may enter your score in the High Score of the top 666 players.
Take a look at the teaser video here and share this wonderful news with your friends.

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The Secrets of the Swedish New Moon

by Ormeny Francisc-Norbert
ABSTRACT: The present analytical approach of the music of the Swedish Gothic-Doom-Neo-progressive-Death metal band Lake of Tears represents an example of a borderline (between applied literature and philosophy) interpretation and expansion of some ideas and suggestions present in the rich musical universe of the band. The paper is divided into five parts (1.Introduction: origins, musical influences, emotional and visionary roots, echoes and associations, marks of endurances, magic ingredients of songs …; 2.On the specificity of the lovely human-reptiles and their later ascent into birds and on the horrid nature of backgrounds; 3.Time and toes; ganders and ghastly waters of seclusion; 4. Rains and simpatico curious frogs; 5.Fragile embraces) which try to identify both the technical and emotional musical roots and influences of the band as well as the living metaphorical space that the band managed to create and constantly supply with unknown effusive streams of fertility, inside the “genetic code” of the fabulously-creative Swedish metal scene.

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Todtgelichter feat. Daniel


German avantgarde metallers Todtgelichter who released almost three years ago one of the greatest surprises of 2010 album Angst, have revealed the cover artwork and tracklist for their upcoming album Apnoe which will see the light of the world in March/April 2013 via Code666/Aural Music and distributed by Soulfood. The tracklisting still has no final order and like the cover artwork can be seen below. You can also notice that there will be two very special guests on two songs like Daniel Brennare (Lake Of Tears) and Allen B. Konstanz (The Vision Bleak).

The full tracklist (including special edition bonus track):

- Embers
- Lights Of Highways
Beyond Silence (feat. Daniel Brennare / LAKE OF TEARS)
- Kollision
- Tiefer Fall (feat. Allen B. Konstanz / THE VISION BLEAK)
- Expectations
- Soil
- Torn
- Until It All Begins
- Odem

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