Summing up the year of 2012


So, 2012 is coming to a close and it would be nice if you tell us about the results of the outgoing year…

- One worthy metal lady once said in the interview, that 'It's better to regret something you have done than to regret something you haven't done." Now it's the end of the year, the end of the world (at least it was promised), so it's sort of time to sum up. Therefore the question is: Is there something the band haven't done that would be worth regret or something that would be great to be done, but for some reason it wasn't?

-Man, this question really needs a long night filled with vodka to be answered. Really. There are naturally things which could have been but wasnґt or things that was that shouldnґt have been… I honestly feel that this question involves too many aspects to be answered in this form.

- How band members saw themselves in the future as teenagers? Who wanted to become? Did your dreams come true? Is there a slight taste of disappointment?

-How the others saw themselves I cant say anything about really. But as for myself, I never expected that much so I cant say Im disappointed. The benefit of having low expectations, you know ;) And life isnґt over so lets not give up just yet. Concerning the music side of life more specifically, I think we might have, at times at least, had hopes to reach further. But its all a matter of perspective I guess. And we shouldnґt complain, many dear memories and experiences have come out of this, and itґs quite a major part of our identities I would say. You know, itґs 21 fuckin years together come this autumn.

- The Concert Season of 2012 has been quite eventful for Lake Of Tears. What concerts were very special? What cities and audience have surprised you? What pleasant and unpleasant surprises you could remember?

-The Ost fest show in Bucharest was a great experience. And of course the weekend we spent in Russia for the festival was very memorable and great. The visit to China, and especially the shows in Beijing and Shanghai, was also a hightlight of last year.

- You're travelling a lot and have visited different corners of our planet. Is there any country you would stay to live and leave your homeland in case of equal social conditions?

-No. Sweden is a nice country to live in. Although the economic realities of the world is catching up with this country as well. It is not the place it used to be, and Im sure it will get worse. But that, of course, goes for the whole western world; weґve had our fun, now is the time for someone else.

- Today, there is only one announcement from Lake Of Tears to play at the festival in Germany in summer of 2013. Will the gig schedule change and can we expect a performance of new songs before the official release of the new album (as it was with Children Of The Grey)?

-That is the only show we have booked right now. This is partly because we want to focus on writing new material for a new album. However, it is likely, I guess, that some more shows will take place during the year. But no extensive tours I would say.

I dont know anything about the chances of performing new material at this moment, sorry.

- What we should expect from the new album? What kind of music we will hear?

-Me and Daniel discussed this the other day, actually. And all I can say is that it is a bit too early in the process to point out any specific direction. So, to avoid saying things that later turned out to be bullshit itґs best to not say anything. But as soon as we can identify a direction I promise that will be the first to know.

- This year, for the first time you were in China. What countries would you like to visit next year?

-Yes, first time in China and also the first time in Czeck republic last year. Of course we would like to visit Russia in 2013, although I dont know if it will be possible. We would like to play in most countries in which we havent played yet. And there are still places to visit in countries we have been to, like mother Russia.

- The double-disc tribute compilation celebrating the 20th anniversary of the band was released in 2012. In the coming year it will be 20 years since the first demo. Does the band has any plans on that such as releasing a single with three 20 years old songs as bonus tracks? :)

-There will come something sometime. Will be on 7” vinyl though. And very limited…

- What's your brightest memory from the past 20 years?

-I think that probably our first visits to Russia and Romania qualify to this. We had no idea that people appreciated us so much, so it was a very nice surprise, and something which strengthened the band a lot I believe.

- Daniel has recorded guest vocals for the new album from German band Todtgelichter, that will be released next year. How did the idea of such collaboration?

-That band is friends with our booking agent I think. And they liked Daniels vocals. I believe there are some other guest vocalists appearing on that album as well. Itґs a nice song by the way.

- I understand that you are already feel sick of this question, but still, when will we get the DVD from you?

-Have no idea. In this moment of writing there are no more concrete plans for a dvd. But I guess its bound to happen sometime…

- Some visitors from our site consider that if your music has sadness in it – then it's lightful, if aggression – it's playful and funny. What do you think about this?

-I really dont see why it has to be one or the other. It is fully possible to combine the two, something which at least for me, is obvious on Illwill. That album is probably the darkest weґve ever made, musically and lyrically. As Iґve said many times; itґs not how something is played, it is what is playd that is important. The sadness, or darkness, can come forth no matter what the ”style” or genre might be. I think that people sometimes are too easily tricked by certain genre conventins, so to speak, and seem to not really listen to what is behind the surface.

- Why your stuff is so optimistic? Speaking poetically, where so much of "light" in your music comes from?

-That is a rare question. Usually its the other way round: Why is your music so pessimistic. I dont feel that it is very light or optimistic. But it could have to do with contrasts perhaps? As with pace, you lose effect if you start at 100 and have nowhere to go after that…

- Are there any music albums of 2012, that made an impression on you?

-No, not really. But of course I havenґt heard that many albums from 2012. One quite good album, but mainly a fucking great track, was Asphyx ”Deathhammer”.

- How do you usually spend your Christmas Holidays?

-With parts of the family. Eat some, drink some. The usual, you know.

- What would you like to wish to your fans in 2013?

-That we will make the ultimate LoT album for them!

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3 thoughts on “Summing up the year of 2012

  1. И, конечно, выходные, которые мы провели на фестивале в России, очень запомнились.
    ЕЕЕЕ, МАЛОЯРОСЛАВЕЦ (сорри за капс :) )

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