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Recently, on his page in Facebook, Lake of Tears published a statement "Some news regarding the upcoming Into Darkness tour. Since Fredrik is occupied otherwheres … bad boy Bosse Pettersson of Lords of Saturn and Fantastic People fame will be joining us for the lead guitar. Check it out!"

Not long thinking, we got in touch with this man and asked him a few questions. That's what came out of this:




- Hi, Bo! How and when you met with Lake of Tears?

- I met the guys through a common friend earlier this year.

He recommended me to them when they needed a guitar player for this tour.

- You get to go on tour with them for the first time. What do you expect from this trip?

- To have a really good time and meet a lot of interesting people.

- are you Going to continue to cooperate with them, or it will be a one-off gig?

- This tour is all we have discussed and thats what im sticking to.

- In which groups and in any styles you played before?

- Right now i play in a rockband called Fantastic People, quite soft if you compare to LoT =)

Before that in my early years i've played with heavymetal, deathmetal, stonerrock and even powermetal-bands. Nothing famous.

- Say something to the fans Lake of Tears…

- Looking forward to met you on the tour and i will do my best not to disappoint you =)


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