Rock or Not


Check it out … we're in it!

The game "Rock or Not" is now available in App Store worldwide. In this game you face hard decisions and dilemmas for weird situations created by famous rock and metal artists. The game is free to try so if you are sitting with an iPhone in your hand you should not hesitate to download it right now to see if you are a true rocker or not. With the ”Rockstar Edition” of the game you receive more dilemmas, can create your own and may enter your score in the High Score of the top 666 players.
Take a look at the teaser video here and share this wonderful news with your friends.

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2 thoughts on “Rock or Not

  1. Причём тут только LoT я нихрена не понял)))

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    • Как я понял, они просто поддерживают эту игруху. Фирма – разработчик находится в городе Boras и судя по всему ребята просто “по знакомству” разместили этот пост у себя на фэйсбуке))))

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