Daniel Brennare:

"Fellow cosmic sailors

Years have passed, unkind and too fast. I’d like to call it an all-time low, but that would discredit what has been and what may yet come.

I'm sorry for all the answers I didn't give. I have read all your words and answered them in my head. But my words got stuck.

Again autumn is here. And with it I will try and hinder the passing of the nothing years. Slowly moving into some kind of pre-production phase.

It is called Ominous and includes the following chapters (though titles may still change):


At the destination

In wait and in worries

Lost in a moment

Ominous one

Ominous too

Without dreams

End of this world

Cosmic sailor

In gloom

Regarding vinyls. Black Mark are still sitting on the masters but they are totally silent on the issue. So the situation is unclear.

Forever autumn shirts are in the making. Hope they will be done before this autumn is gone.

Take care"

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