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Johan Oudhuis – "Make some noise as we will most likely record the show for a dvd"

We’d like to start this off by mentioning how great it is to have Lake Of Tears once again in Romania. I know fans are looking forward to seeing you on stage. It’s been more than a year since we last saw you – What have you guys been up to all this time

-Getting by, you know. We did some shows and a european tour after our last visit to Romania.

We’ve all been a bit surprised by “Illwill” when it was release – it seemed as if you had chosen to explore a particular sound for songs on this album. How is it that you decide the “genre recipe” of a certain album? Or there’s no such thing and things simply turn out the way they did?

-I would say that there´s a mix of different genres on “Illwill”. But it is definitly harder than our previous ones. The reason for this is that we had to do this album. There were no alternatives. It reflects what we like to hear in quite a good way. I guess it sometimes can take a while before we know what direction an album is actually taking. For “Moons and Mushrooms” we had an idea of what we wanted, but the end result was something different.

Your die-hard fans were more than pleased to listen to "Twenty Years In Tears" – a tribute to Lake of Tears. Many of the bands are from countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland, Finland and even Mexico. How did this project come about?

-This is all thanks to our russian friends Andrey and Boris. They are also responsible for our russian website,, which is a very nice one, and which functions as kind of our official one these days. I guess. There is a second part of ”Twenty years in tears” in the planning. Would be great as we enjoyed the first one a lot!

The band has – in a way – defied any attempt to anticipate your next move.  Lake of tears is generally described as a Gothic Metal band, although you’ve wondered between Psychedelic, Doom, pseudo-Thrash and some-kind-of-Death over the years. How would you describe Lake of Tears to someone who hasn’t heard you guys before?

-Imagine listening to an album with songs by Pink Floyd, Nuclear Assault, GBH, Black Sabbath, Burzum, Metallica and Wasp. Something like that. Maybe.

Was there any big moment in your life you can point to that made you want to start playing and performing music for a living? Can you remember a song from a Metal band that you wished you’d had written or something that made you start writing music all together?

-The road was pointed out for us as soon as we heard the first metal songs back when we were kids. And if the people around you, whom you do not seldom view as retards, can make and create  something then the question is: whats stopping you from trying? Nothing.

We’re all looking forward to hearing news on your working on a new material. Do you have any idea on how the next album is going to sound? Are you – once again – trying to change the sound?

-It is too early in the process to say anything that will not prove to be false later on.

As it is the case with many bands, do you usually record more music than what you end up using?

-No, rather the opposite. We, almost, always recorded the material we have available. Some songs, like ”Sister Sinister” is the result of us having to few songs. So, having more than we end up using is not a big problem for us..

Just a curiosity on behalf of our Metalhead Romania team: how much attention do you pay to how the albums are reviewed? Is there an album which you are particularly proud of?

-I would say we pay quite much attention to reviews. It´s interesting to find out how others perceive what you do. We try to read the ones we find. A really bad review can be fun to read also. I would say were the most proud of ”Illwill”. And ”Black brick road”. Ahh.

Are you focused exclusively on Lake Of Tears, or do you have any side projects going on?

-At the moment no side projects. But you never know.

Is the business side of music still a complex issue, despite the Lake Of Tears history?

-There isnt that much of a business anymore! And things go easier when you work with honest people who actually care.

In the Rock/ Metal scene, are there are “new” bands you listen to?


Any final words for your fans that are going to at the Arenele Romane on September 21 to see you?

-Make some noise as we will most likely record the show for a dvd. We all look forward to seeing you again. Very much so.–lake-of-tears–sa-faceti-cat-mai-mult-zgomot—incerc-aid-124291-l-1


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