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"A woman who is under 1,40 meters, a man who is under 1,50 meter, are both dwarfs. At least by our standards."

- So, the first question, I think, is the standard one. How do you evaluate the past 2013 for Lake of Tears? What was this year best remembered for? What disappointed you?..

- Hmm…had to think for a while. Seems so distant all of a sudden. Not that much happened in 2013, really. Too slow progress with new material, and something of a lost year musically in some ways. Maybe. But there is a better feeling for 2014 I think. We did a couple of shows, in Germany, Romania and Dubai. I might have forgotten some? As the year it self wasn´t very satisfying it´s hard to point to any specifik disappointment…

- I know that you enjoyed your visit to Arab Emirates, namely Dubai. It must be like a journey from winter to summer:) Please, tell a little bit more about this trip.

- Yes, literally very much so… Arrived at the airport in the usual outfit with boots, jeans and leather jacket. Was very hot indeed. The show was at a club in a Holiday inn hotel. The audience wasn´t very great in numbers, but they were great. People had travelled from both Syria and Kuwait to attend the show. It´s interesting how music seems to be able to really cross borders and speak to people, regardless of cultural background. The day after the show we had some time on our hands, so Daniel and me went with some of the nice people on a trip to the desert. A good feeling, almost like being by the sea. But less wet.

- The band finally released the first DVD. I heard you didn’t like the result. Why? What was wrong?

- I believe that may have been some kind of first reaction to the shock! We saw it a week or two ago, and it was ok. Had we had more time to prepare something (like a year or two ;) ) it might have turned out in a different way. For some reason we never managed to perform on the top of our abilities at the Arenale Romane. Maybe it´s too big a place for us to feel comfortable or something. The next time we go to Romania it must be in some kind of smaller and more intimate venue. That would be truly great, I know it.

- Of course your performance at the METALHEAD MEETING 2013 in Bucharest was not a common one for Lake of Tears, inasmuch as you recorded the first official DVD. Why are there no such songs as "Headstones" and "Burn Fire Burn" and, also, why there is no one composition from "Moons And Mushrooms"?!

- We only had 75 minutes stage time, so some songs had to go, you know. The songs you mention were of course discussed but, obviously, not included. Maybe we should have skipped Shadowshires and put Burn fire Burn there instead? The songs from Moons and Mushrooms have in many cases been difficult to transform from the studio to a live situation. We always felt this way about those songs. There are quite a few songs on it that we enjoy, but the transition is hard to get right. But as we will update our setlist quite a lot we might find a way. 

- Do you have plans for releasing further DVD LoT? If I'm not mistaken, you said sometime that you have any rare records of the group and that you would like to release them on DVD.

- My thought was to have some old live recordings from the ´90s as some kind of bonus material. That could have been a nice thing. But as I mentioned, things went very fast.

- "By The Black Sea" has a very remarkable design. Who carried out it?

- It is made by the name ”Hiko”. Have no idea who or what Hiko is. We were presented with some suggestions for cover art, and the choice was easy. It is a good design, which connects nicely to Illwill (especially the vinyl).

- ’Illwill’  was released under licence in Japan, Russia and South America. Did foreign labels now show interest in ’By The Black Sea’??

- I have no idea about this, really. This is a business thing which is handled by the label. Would be cool if it was to be released at least in Russia as well, though!

- What is the exact name of the film used in ’Illwill’ video?

- It is called Jägaren (The Hunter). We have not seen the whole film. Don´t know if he ever completed it. Just now looked for it on youtube, but found only some trailers.

- What albums released in 2013 has stuck in the mind? Is anything maybe really impressed you? What can you say about the new BLACK SABBATH album ’13’??

- Man, I´m the wrong person to talk to about new music! Like asking a caveman for help with your computer. Only heard some of the new Sabbath, and it´s ok I guess. But must be hard to feel inspired when you already made some of the greatest stuff long ago. Got a musical gift from the wife some days ago which is not new but great: Master ”Master” (1990). I can talk about music made up until about ´97! And until Funeral Mist release something new, no year will be very impressive.

- One German website says that in 1997 Black Mark released the album ’A Crimson Cosmos’? and the single ’Lady Rosenred’? together in one edition. Was it a double-disc box or expanded single-disc edition? Or is this information untrue?

- To my knowledge this has never been released, except separately. Never heard of it before. I´m quite sure about this. But then again I didn´t know that there was a promo version of Greater Art release (Hi Boris..). Got hold of a cool record I didn´t know of though. A 7” vinyl in 100 numbered copies with an unreleased demo track from ´93 called The Wyverns and a, very special I must say, pre-production version of Cosmic Weed. Hadn´t heard those in quite a while.

- Probably you are already tired of this question, but, when will the group gladden us with a new album?

- Don´t know. Nobody knows. But we do have some basics for some songs which we will try to work on more. It might be out in a year. Or two. We feel that we really can´t stress things because of preasure of getting a new one out. It has to feel right, good and inspired. The live album will have to do in the meantime.

- Can you lift the veil on the style of this new work yet, please?

- It could still take a couple of different directions. As with the previous question it is a bit to early in the process to say much about it. But it will be great.

- Could you tell about the plans of the band for 2014 except preparing of the new material?

- Man, are my answers boring..! The plan is actually to get some things done finally and to try to move forward with the new material. We have turned down some touring offers because of this. Only one show booked, which is in Tibilisi in Georgia.

- It’s 20 years since ’Greater Art’? was released. Do you have plans to re-release albums of Lake of Tears for the 20th anniversary? Have you given any thought to a concert program made on the analogy of the METALLICA tour "20 Years of The Black Album"? It would be great, guys, if you would perform all the songs from, for instance, ’Greater Art’? during the one concert!

- To re-release anything is up to Black Mark. We have asked in the past for a possible vinyl release of the old albums, but he was not interested, unfortunately.  If we were to do something like playing an entire album I believe the choice would maybe be Forever Autumn… To perform Greater Art in its entirety is completely out of the question!

- Your guitarist Fredrik had a son last year. Did you celebrate it somehow?

- I´m sure he celebrated in some way. But as a band there has been no celebrating at all.

- Also an outstanding event happened in Johan’s life, he got married! All of us congratulate Johan and Sarah on this significant event! In Russia we shout ’Gor’ko!’? (that means now a ’kiss’!?) :) How did you celebrate it? How did the wedding go?

- It was a civil wedding, in the city hall of Stockholm. A very small and familiar event, in everyway. Daniel and girlfriend showed up after the, two minute long, ceremony. The wedding went good-she said yes.

- You know that we are working at the second part of the tribute of LoT by spring-summer of 2014. What do you think of it?

- It´s cool! Looking forward to hearing it. Maybe you could include that acoustic version of Come Night I Reign, which is on youtube? Really enjoyed some of the versions of the first tribute, surely will be the same this time.

- You had a problem with the forum of your official website, what has happened this time? Also we would like to know why Bjorn doesn’t manage anymore.

- There´s no conflict or anything with Björn, I think he just had too many other things to do, you know. He did some excellent artwork and designs for us, the new pentagram logo for instance. Hope he´ll be able to do some more for us in the future. No one did anything with the website I guess…but we have!

- Are you keeping abreast of the Sochi Olympic Games?

- So, so…saw some skiing.

- And say, please, a few words to visitors of our and your website…

- A woman who is under 1,40 meters, a man who is under 1,50 meter, are both dwarfs. At least by our standards. How is it in Russia?

- All the best to the members of the band! We are looking forward to a new album and a tour to Russia!


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