New album will be ominous and gloomy…


A short interview with Johan, made especially for Russian underground magazine OR.

- Welcome! How is it going? How is the weather in Sweden, Forever Autumn?:)

- Thank you! It´s going ok, I guess. Although time has become an even bigger enemy now when there are two one year old kids to tend to… It is now the dark period, weather wise. The sun being up for only a couple of hours a day. But I guess it´s about the same in Russia?

- Summer-time fests, but somehow in 2015 LOT has not been seen in the posters of famous European open airs. You can tell out what are the reasons?

- Well, there are a few reasons for this. We have turned down all offers for shows lately. We want to try to focus on getting new material done because we think this is the most important thing right now. Also it seems LoT are back to consisting of me and Daniel, so that would make any live performance quite hard to do…

- I hope that in your group now there are no such large-scale problems that would have prevented the release of the new album, which fans LOT waiting for 4 years?

- Better to wait for something great than to not wait for something not-so-great, right? I guess the increasing time between albums has to do, at least in part, with the fact that we have less and less time on our hands. Especially me, I would say. Life has become an obstacle in regard to the music in some ways. That we, for the moment, are back to being a two piece should not have that much effect on making a new album.

- We know that music for you-it's a hobby, a favorite hobby for life and not a business. Each one of you earns money on normal work, we may therefore consider the LOT underground (as it may sound strange) metal band … am I right?

- Don´t know the definition of "underground band", so it´s hard to answer. People can call us whatever they prefer to! Idiots or heroes…anything goes.

- Can we assume that the new release LOT will also vary in music from the previous CD, both in principle and early works from each other?

- It is still too early in the process to say anything about this, really. It has happened before that the final result differs quite a lot from how we expected it to sound (or sometimes how we wanted it to sound…). But it will be ominous and gloomy for sure, I think those words probably best describes the overall feeling.

- While we do not see a LOT of new works, in Russia have already released two double CD with logo of the Lake of Tears! I'm talking about the tribute Twenty Years in Tears, with the participation of teams from all over the world. As you evaluate these works?

- We of course feel honoured by these tribute cd:s. When listening to them we can sometimes feel like "why didn´t we do that arrangement" or something like that. I think that the second volume was a bit better, with what seemed like some bit better production values. It  does not feel right to point out favourites, would be like pointing out your favourite child :)

- In 2014 you released the LP "Wyverns" with 2 previously unreleased tracks, can you tell us more about this release and can we expect something similar in the future?

- I always liked the 7" vinyl format, and thought there should be one with LoT. It is now virtually sold out, which is not that strange as only 100 copies was made. The green vinyl version is completely sold out. There are no plans as of now to make another one, but if the right material is found this could happen, I guess. Would really like to see vinyl releases of our early albums, though.

- In 2012 you played at the bike festival of Maloyaroslavets, how impressions? I remember that you did not get to play two encore songs…. Is there any talk of a tour in Russia in the near future?

- I had forgotten about the encores before you mentioned it. But the whole experience was great; russian bikers en masse, horses, strange pubs in the countryside, great people. And vodka. It is impossible not to succeed with those things combined, right? I think we also did a pretty ok show that night and I remember there being a lot of people in the audience. A weekend to remember for life. There are no talks of any tours in the near future. Russia is always on top of our list when touring is discussed, just so you know.

- Tell us about the concert in Georgia please..

- Again, a nice experience. The show was at a club in Tbilisi. Don´t think many foreign bands have played there before us, probably only very few. We had some time to see the city and was guided by the nice people arranging the event. Was surprised how religious the country is, did not know anything about this. Unfortunately there were no wild animals on the streets when we were there..!

- You were born a son and a daughter… how do you feel?

- That is of course great, a new phase in life for sure. A lot more responsibilities, but also a lot of fun. And love. And no sleep. Have been home taking care of them for close to six months now, but will go back to work in December.

- How is Daniel, Fredrik and Mikael?

- This question is best answered by them. I know Daniel is doing ok though.

- Well, hope to see you soon in Russia, see you!

- Thank you. I really miss visiting Russia. Hope to get back there and to see all the people we know. Someday…

Interview – Andrew Hohlenko, Yuri Khmelev (OR' zine)



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