FORSAKEN GRIEF – «Death Metal ´91-92»


FORSAKEN GRIEF - «Death Metal ´91-92» (2019) (Sweetwater Records, vinyl 12" 45rpm, limited edition)

Old obscure death metal from Sweden from the golden age. Members of the band went on to form Lake of Tears (Johan Oudhuis) and Evocation (Tjompe Josefsson) and also appeared in Cemetary.

Cover art and logo by Torbjörn Hirsch, layout by Andrey Hohlenko.

Vinyl only private release. Hand numbered. Printed insert.

200 copies: 100 black / 100 red.


Side A:


Pleasurable Lust

Side B:

Into Nocturnal Foreverness

Mind Percecution




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FORSAKEN GRIEF - «Death Metal ´91-92», 4.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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