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Interview with Daniel for the Hungarian site rockstation.blog.hu… Enjoy!
„…we are not completely stuck within a certain way of musical expression” 
Sweden’s Lake Of Tears has started as a doom metal band back then. Nowadays they’ve been setting melancholy to music – sometimes sounding a bit heavier, sometimes a bit mellower. Most recently, they have brought out their very first live release in their more than twenty years of existence. One might think not that much has happened to the band since the last studio record Illwill (2011), and yet there’s quite a lot to recall from this time period of nearly three years. So that’s what the mastermind of the band, Daniel Brennare did. (Originally, this interview has been published on the Hungarian rockstation.blog.hu web site.)

- Your very first live material By The Black Sea (CD / DVD) is coming out on 31 January. Why did you decide to come up with such a release now? What made you feel the time was right for it?
- There is no grand master plan behind By the Black Sea, really. We were presented with the idea and opportunity to record the show and decided to go with it. So, the same thing goes for the timing. Although it was a while now since our last album, so I guess it fits good. But I think we could have chosen Bucharest if it was planned ahead anyway. We have a very good audience in Romania, and have done several shows there. This was our third one on that venue having previously done both headline and co-headline shows. This recording is of a co-show with Hypocrisy under the banner of Metal Head Meeting.
- Have you ever, in fact, been to the Black Sea (either on tour or as a private person on holiday? Or is Bucharest the closest you ever got to it?

- Bucharest is the closest by far.
- There is an official Lake Of Tears fan site at http://lakeoftears.org which has a version in English and in Russian language (because the administrators of the site are Russians). Apparently, you have a pretty strong connection to Central and Eastern Europe. Do you really have a particularly strong and supportive fan base in these regions?
- Yes, without a doubt. We didn't really know about this until we first visited Russia in 2005 and other countries in the region the following years. It was a surprise to have sold out venues with close to 2000 people at some places. Apparently we made some kind of impact already with the Headstones album and even more so with Forever Autumn.
- Lake Of Tears have been formed way back in 1992. Have you had a 20th Anniversary show, let's say in your home town, in 2012 or anything else special in order to celebrate?
- Nothing at all, actually.


- A Lake Of Tears tribute record came out by the name of 20 Years In Tears. How did you get to know all those bands? Did you make the selection of the bands yourself or did some of them come to your attention through other people?
- We don´t know any of the bands. Except for some people we have met when touring of course. This was a project by the people behind the fan site you mentioned before, lakeoftears.org. We think it´s a cool thing, but are not involved in selecting bands or songs. There is a second volume coming the spring of 2014.
- You probably remember that a Hungarian band named Nadir (influenced and inspired greatly by Lake Of Tears) did a cover version of As Daylight Yields in 2005 and even put it on their album back then…
- Just listened to it on Youtube, and remembered the cover art when I saw it, nice. Also a good cover. Up among the top ones, I would say. Maybe it should be on the coming tribute album? One of the best I've heard is a guy doing an acoustic interpretation of Come Night I Reign, also on Youtube, check it.
- The first five Lake Of Tears albums came out on Black Mark Records, well known for its close connection to Quorthon. Were you in regular personal contact with him? What was he like as a person?
- Never met him. Unfortunately. Just love what he created on those first five albums, so that would have been a true honour. We, of course, met his father and sister on several occasions.
- Your last studio album Illwill features a quite intense and heavy approach which brings the record pretty close to the way you sounded in the early years, particularly on Greater Art. Is that the reason (one of the reasons) you chose to play As Daylight Yields on By The Black Sea or you would have picked that song or something else from the debut album anyway?
- We try to include something from each album. Somehow we didn't manage to include anything from Moons and Mushrooms but every other album is represented. We have played As Daylight Yields live for quite some years now, so there´s no connection to the sound of Illwill.
- You usually experiment with different sounds and influences from one album to another, without losing your musical integrity and abandoning your style. Do you mind if people refer to Lake Of Tears as a progressive gothic band or something like that? How would you describe the music that you play?
- We never saw ourselves as progressive. Not in the sense the word is most often used when discussing music, anyway. Maybe progressive in the way that we are not completely stuck within a certain way of musical expression. Or rather, the WAY in which what always comes out comes out. Sometimes it feels like we have been, and still are, trying to make the same one or two songs over and over. Sometimes we fail, sometimes we get close and sometimes we´re almost, almost there. It's the reason to keep on going, I guess, to finally reach that point of intent and emotion being expressed the way it is really supposed to.
- Would you say it's a typical Swedish thing to be moody and melancholic? This atmosphere is constantly present in your music and lyrics.
- There´s probably a bigger difference in between the Swedish population it self than between the Swede-Hungarian populations, regarding mood. And most other things as well, I believe. Melodies that are "happy" tend to make the mood bad. Strange.
- When can we expect the next Lake Of Tears studio album to come out? I think it's about time because Illwill came out in 2011. Do you already have some new songs or at least ideas?
- Can´t say anything about when. But it will happen. We have a bunch of ideas.
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