The future looks bright … or dark …


Daniel: The future looks bright … or dark … (Interview with Fredrik and Daniel, after concerts in Russia, Romania and Bulgaria)

Did you like playing in Russia and what was the most unforgettable about this tour?

Fredrik: All shows and crowds were great but the Moscow and Ekaterinburg shows for me were the best ones, the crowds were crazy and we performed really well on those two. Minsk was also a surprise because the crowd was really loud and into it, I did not really expect that.

Daniel: Yes, we really liked it. Russia has always been good to us, a very nice country and great audience. I guess Russian Standard is quite hard to forget.

And as affairs with concerts in other cities (Omsk, Novosibirsk, St.-Petersburg were…)?

Fredrik: We’re really happy with all those shows as well; the ones mentioned above really just felt a bit more magical to me.

Was there anything you did not like?

Fredrik: The least pleasant things on the tour was all the trainrides; really long hours in cramped cabins without aircondition.

Daniel: Getting robbed during the night on the train from St Petersburg to Moscow wasn’t that nice.

You had Meet’n'Greet party in Moscow. Do you usually have such meetings in other countries?

Daniel: It has happened on some occasions, though it’s not so very usual.

And in general, do your tours of other countries differ from the ones of Russia? If yes, in what way? Would you like to change anything?

Fredrik: As far as other countries we don’t do headliner gigs that often and you seldom get the same response while playing a festival as you get when you play in front of your own crowds. Each country has its own charm though

Daniel: Of course every country is a bit different, regarding people, organisation, food etc. Russia suits us very good, a great culture … maybe that some other countries could be more like Russia (at least for us).

Fredrik question.  You the new guitarist in group how get on with old participants?

Fredrik: We get along just fine; I’ve been playing with the guys since 2008 now and we’ve gotten to know eachother well by now. As a liveband I must say that Lake of Tears right now is better then ever.

Tell more in detail about your acquaintance to musicians of group how you have got in LoT?

Fredrik: Well me, Michael and Daniel live in the same town and as far as I know they got the word about me through a mutual friend. Borås is a pretty small town so everybody doing music here kinda nows eachother.

What is your attitude to the fact that you have to drink alcohol very often while traveling about Russia?

Fredrik: I actually didnt feel that you had to constantly drink though, but its nice to enjoy a glass of vodka with the crowd on every show.

Daniel: Not a very big problem for us … we are swedes and quite used to it.

I know that you liked the word «Краб» very much. Why?

Fredrik: The a crab thing is sort of an internal joke based on that we got crab flavoured chips in the dressing room every now and then; for us swedes that seems kinda bizarre and unorthodox. Eventually everything became crab you know.

Daniel: We are very fascinated with the crab-chips that you have in Russia as we don’t have them here. And we got them at every show we played, but we really hate the taste.

Daniel question. I also know that you are good at computer science, but despite this there is a disappointing mistake on your web-site: “Ilwwill” instead of “Illwill”. Or was it done on purpose?

Daniel: It was not done on purpose. So Björn, the webmaster, has corrected that now.

And why your official website does not work completely at times?

Daniel: I have no idea, I didn’t notice this. Though we have to put some more effort into that site (new design etc). But as always it’s a question of time.

What do you think about Russian LoT fan-site? Are there any sites similar to it? (to be honest, I have not seen any). Maybe you have some offerings concerning it?

Daniel: I think it’s a great initiative and a very nice site. I know that there has been some Lake of Tears fan-sites from different countries during the years, but I think most of them are quite inactive now. Hopefully this great site will live on for many years to come.

If Russian site have an English version, will it attract more attention to the band? Or it is not worth  powder and shot?

Daniel: I think so, since the russian language is very hard to read for most other people.

Do you have any ideas or news about your DVD?

Daniel: We have some ideas, but it’s still nothing concrete. So we have to wait and see and hope for the best.

Now when you have a contract with AFM Records – is there any possibility of playing in the USA/Canada?

Fredrik: I guess you can never say never but there are no plans to play USA/Canada at the moment

Daniel: It would be really nice to play some shows over there, but first we need to find the right occasion. Again it’s a question of time … and of course money. But I guess that one day we’ll go there.

The question about “Illwill”: in 2008 you said that you were planning to play some punk-rock on the new album. I wonder, what songs from “Illwill” were written prior to the others?

Fredrik: The new songs were kinda around before I started playing with the guys so I didn’t have that much input on the songwriting other than some arrangement stuff, the Punk elements were Daniel and Johans idea.

Daniel: Some of the first ones was Parasites and Floating in darkness. So the punk thing is coming from there.

In my opinion, Illwill is one of your best albums. What should we expect from your next releases? Will it also be such an extreme?

Daniel: Though we only just started to look into some new material I think it’s going to be great and I’m looking forward to hearing it. As it feels right now I think we will continue on the ”harder, rougher” way … though there will be some twists to it … maybe some nice keyboard stuff, maybe not … there are still so many things to explore regarding music.

Is U.N.S.A.N.E. an abbreviation? What does it mean?

Fredrik: You will have to ask Daniel about that one as he wrote the lyrics;

Daniel: No it’s not an abbreviation, it’s just written that way to make it more WASP-ish. At first we called that song We Are Satans People.

How was the concert in Bucharest?

Daniel: Wow, Bucharest is amazing. The third time we played there and I think this one was the best. 2500 people helping us out with singing our songs gives a great feeling.

What’s in the nearest future the group?

Daniel: Well, we just got back home from a show in Bulgaria, so hopefully now we can enjoy some summer-holidays. Then we have some shows planned for this autumn … and we’ll also try to dig a bit deeper into some new material. So the future looks bright … or dark … depending on your perspective.

The summer is coming; do you have any plans about how to spend it? Are you fond of traveling?

Fredrik: I’m gonna be busy promoting and preparing for the release of the Egonaut album; but besides that I’m gonna do some work on my house and perhaps do some traveling.

Daniel: Traveling can be very nice. It’s always an eye-opener in some way to see new things and meet new people. Not always positive, but always an eye-opener.

What can you say to your Russian fans?

Fredrik: I would really like to thank all fans that came to the shows for their support and I’m allready looking forward to coming back to play to you again!

Daniel: A big thank you for sticking with us throughout the years. And we’ll hopefully see you soon again.


Andrew 25.07.2011