Interview from CAVALLERIA festival servises


Interview from CAVALLERIA festival servises

Hello! How are you doing? Still on tour promoting Illwill?

-Doing fine, thank you. We´ve done some touring for Illwill during 2011 and 2012. This will continue this autumn when we take part of the Into Darkness tour with almost 20 dates.

This will be your forth time in Romania. Which of the previous 3 gigs did you enjoy the most?

-Actually I believe it will be our fifth time in Romania. We played Bucharest three times and Samfest in Samara (?). Everyone of the gigs left memories. Talking about the ones in Bucharest, the first one we did really overwhelmed us, we had no real idea of what to expect. The second one was kind of characterized by pressure. The third one, last summer, was the one which we are the most happy with, performance wise.

Do you enjoy anything local in particular when you come here?

-Some of that tasty cow pussy delicacy.

How did the critics and fanbase react to your new LP?

-Mostly positive. A few of the critics didn´t get it at all, but its hard to make everyone happy… I guess there was some surprised reactions among the fans, but maybe they will find it after some time.

Illwill was pretty different from your old materials. It's much darker in sound and lyrics. Could you tell us where this change originates?

-We were pissed, both ”off” and ”drunk”. A lot of it also relates to Daniel getting seriousley ill, close to death and hospitalized for a long time. Gives perspective. Its probably also that we many times think that the songs will turn out a way which they dont. Sometimes for better, but probably more often, for worse. We got closer to our ambition this time. Maybe the closest this far.

Will the future Lake of Tears albums will keep this dark feel or go back to romantic and fantasy themes?

-I strongly doubt that there will be fantasy themes… Romance, or love, always has a place in some form. Passion. Lust. Hate. How the next one will be remains to be seen. But it feels like its going in a quite heavy direction.

What's up with the sniper in the Illwill clip?

-The video is the made from bits of a film, same guy who did the video, and some footage of us playing it. The film is about the sniper-guy, so there you have it. In the film he is employed by the government to kill off unwanted individuals, such as drunks.

I know you played in Beijing in January. What's the difference between audiences over there and here in Europe?

-Not that much. Less difference than we expected. Metal is universal…

You are going to play in OST Fest 2012 here in Bucharest. Will this be the first time playing next to bands like Motorhead, Motley Crue and so on? If not, have you personally met them before?

-We have played with them, and other great names, on other festivals, such as Wacken, through the years. We never met them, no. By the way, Motley Crue in ´84 was the first concert I ever attended as a young kid.

This is the third edition of the OST Fest. Have you heard about it until now?

-Not that I can recall, no. Sorry.

Wikipedia states that the band reunited out of boredom in 2003. Is that true?

-Nah, not really. Rather the practical thing of not being contracted to Black mark any more, getting a nice deal with Noise, and us getting a good vibe from playing together again after not having done so for a while. It gave birth to a nice creativity and will.

What do you plan for the future of the band? Are you working on some new material?

-We have some new stuff we´re working with. Will do some festivals, and the mentioned tour, so we´re pretty busy – you know, we all have full time occupations to attend. Or at least try to attend.

Any news on Daniel's book?


Thank you for this interview. If you want to send a message to the fans coming to see you at OST Fest this is your chance.

-From our hearts; it will be fucking great to see you again!


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