Daniel: The future looks bright … or dark …
(Interview with Fredrik and Daniel, after concerts in Russia, Romania and Bulgaria)

Did you like playing in Russia and what was the most unforgettable about this tour?

Fredrik: All shows and crowds were great but the Moscow and Ekaterinburg shows for me were the best ones, the crowds were crazy and we performed really well on those two. Minsk was also a surprise because the crowd was really loud and into it, I did not really expect that.

Daniel: Yes, we really liked it. Russia has always been good to us, a very nice country and great audience. I guess Russian Standard is quite hard to forget.
Return of Ravens

In the context of the Ukrainian-Russian tour under the name “Pizdatu Tour 2006” the legendary gothic/doom metal band from Sweden – LAKE OF TEARS visited three towns in Ukraine. We didn’t manage to have an interview with them during their sojourn in Kiev and thus I had to use Internet to get the needed answers. Bassist Mikael Larsson handled this task instead of the band’s vocalist/guitarist Daniel Brennare (who, actually promised to answer the questions)…
Life is a sad place

As the song “The Greymen” - out of their last longplay, “Black Brick Road” - says. Proficient music craftmen and the masters of blistrous gothic performance, LAKE OF TEARS have combined two, at a glance, opposite forces - of intellectual art progressive and soft atmospheric metal. From its very beginning - «Greater Art» (1994) album – the unusual band has been thrown in the ultimate vanguard of Sweden underground scene. «Headstones», «A Crimson Cosmos», «Forever Autumn»… Nowadays those titles are legendary. Whole a decade the band has been moving forth, spanning across style-scapes, splitting up and after coming back together. With the 2002’s release - «The Neonai» - they were caught in a landslide of unauthorized criticism. Rumors grew, LAKE OF TEARS are finally over. Yet, they have stood. They have got back to take us for a black brick road…

Interview from CAVALLERIA festival servises

Hello! How are you doing? Still on tour promoting Illwill?
-Doing fine, thank you. We´ve done some touring for Illwill during 2011 and 2012. This will continue this autumn when we take part of the Into Darkness tour with almost 20 dates.

This will be your forth time in Romania. Which of the previous 3 gigs did you enjoy the most?
-Actually I believe it will be our fifth time in Romania. We played Bucharest three times and Samfest in Samara (?)...
Interview with Daniel Brennare (Lake of Tears)

Hello Daniel and welcome into the pages of Metalfan. We hope we will finally meet in March. How are you these days?

Hello and thanks. I guess I’m quite the same as always … dreaming of better days.

A warming up question: have you made a statistic in order to find out which periods give you maximum inspiration? What affects you the most: bleak times, cold weather and the sadness of winter or the green and the awakening of things in the spring?...