Fredrik’s comment


I have really not been a part of the Lake of Tears story since we played 70000 Tons of Metal in 2015 but I had a great time playing with the rest of the guys and we made an album together that I’m proud of.

Of course I think it’s sad that Johan and Daniel have parted ways, but combining having a band and a family at the same time is hard and family must come first at all times. 

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LAKE OF TEARS fell apart? The comment of Johan:


Well, I think it´s a very sad thing that it was no longer possible for me to be part of LoT. What happens in the future no one knows (except maybe Nostradamus or someone..) but the situation right now is that my family situation, with some very major problems concerning my son, just does not allow any time or energy to spend on anything but the family. What has become clear is a real "game changer" as the americans say. He has very special needs and, as I believe you would agree, family must come first. 

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