Interview with Torbjorn Hirsch – author of the original LAKE OF TEARS’ logo


This year LAKE OF TEARS released new T-shirts and re-released the first studio Demo (which was originally recorded in 1993) on vinyl. 

On T-shirts and CDs we can also see the first logo of the band which was, besides Demo 1 '93, placed on covers of classic albums "Greater Art" and "Headstones".

But only few people know the author of the original LAKE OF TEARS' logo — Torbjorn Hirsch. We have contacted Torbjorn and talked a little about the story behind creation of the logos of LAKE OF TEARS and FORSAKEN GRIEF.

- Hi, as far as we know, you lived in Boras in the early 90’s. Tell me a little about the metal crowd of the city at that time… 

- Well, Boras is not a very big city, about 90.000 inhabitants, so I’m not sure you can call it a “scene” of just anything. To see bigger bands you have to go to Gothenburg. Personally I was introduced to heavy metal through my two years older brother – involuntary really, as everything he was playing on his stereo was heard in the whole house. So I listened to quite a lot of heavy metal but it wasn’t an active interest on my part. Most bands that would play in Boras at that time basically would have been garage bands, including LOT. There was a youth club in the city centre called Rockborgen (“Rock Castle”), a large Victorian villa where many local bands would practice and concerts were arranged. It had this wooden panelling inside and it was all painted black. I assume both FG and LOT would have practised there, but you will have to ask them. They would have gone to what’s comparable to senior high school at that time, “gymnasium” in swedish.

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Daniel Brennare:

"Fellow cosmic sailors

Years have passed, unkind and too fast. I’d like to call it an all-time low, but that would discredit what has been and what may yet come.

I'm sorry for all the answers I didn't give. I have read all your words and answered them in my head. But my words got stuck.

Again autumn is here. And with it I will try and hinder the passing of the nothing years. Slowly moving into some kind of pre-production phase.

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