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V.A. “Twenty Years In Tears – tribute to Lake of Tears”

It’s a perfect day for celebration! It seems not so long ago you used to scratch out on the desk the logo of your favourite team, copying it from the title of the album – and today, while you were sneaking around, graduating universities, looking for the job, making the world better and cleaner – this very team has a considerable anniversary! So, quite unpredictably, this year we celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Swedish legendary natural philosophers of melancholic heavy metal – The Lake of Tears. I suppose that musicians themselves would hardly remember the birth date of the team, but in default autumn is the best season for jubilee. And the tribute album definitely would be the most wanted present.

The traditions of tribute albums in Russia were not successful from the start. Each time I shudder, remembering miserable “Moskvalika”, I’m puzzled reviving in my memory tribute to Aria. And now – The Lake of Tears! Who even dared to do that! The formal Russian funclub dared – and I have to admit that these people were not only enthusiastic, they’ve showed convincing professionalism, picking up together 26 (twenty six) tracks from Russian, Ukrainian, Swedish, Mexican and Swiss bands. There were much more participants, who left the project after all, including Cemetery, but it is already discussed behind the scenes. What are the main features of the tribute album? The songs included you can divide into three types: sung note for the note (“because we love the team”),  sung in the own way (“because we love the team, but we were able to do it so”) and sung somehow (“it happened”). This dividing is optional, but it is true, you have to agree. Yes, you have!

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Bosse Pettersson…


Recently, on his page in Facebook, Lake of Tears published a statement "Some news regarding the upcoming Into Darkness tour. Since Fredrik is occupied otherwheres … bad boy Bosse Pettersson of Lords of Saturn and Fantastic People fame will be joining us for the lead guitar. Check it out!"

Not long thinking, we got in touch with this man and asked him a few questions. That's what came out of this:

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